Friday, September 26, 2008

THE PASSIONS_Just To Be With You

Group from Brooklyn, NY. formed in 1958 and first know as The Sinceres (see above picture) formed by Tony Armato, Albie Galione, Vinny Acierno, Nicky Lombardi and John Pangi.

In 1959 the group consisted of Jimmy Gallagher(Lead),Tony Armato(First Tenor),Albee Gallon (Second Tenor) and Vinnie Aceierno(Baritone).

They recorded...

-Tango Of Love/Nervous About Love. Dore Records-1958.
-Just To Be With You/Oh Melancholy Me. Audicon Records.1959.
-I Only Want You/This Is My Love. Audicon Records-1960.
-Gloria/Jungle Drums. Audicon Records-1960.
-Beautiful Dreamer/One Look At You Is All It Look. Audicon Records-1960.
-Make For Lovers/You Don't Love Me Anymore. Audicon Records-1960.
-I Gotta Know/Aphrodite. Octavia Records-1961.
-Lonely Road/One Look At You Is All It Look. Jubilee Records-1962.
-The Bully/Empty Seat. ABC Records-1963.
-Sixteen Candles/The Third Floor. Diamond Records-1963.

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In late 1959 The passions charted #69 in the Billboard list with their ballad_Just To be With You.


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