Friday, September 26, 2008

THE PASSIONS_Just To Be With You

Group from Brooklyn,NY. consisted of Jimmy Gallagher(Lead),Tony Armato(First Tenor),Albee Gallon (Second Tenor) and Vinnie Aceierno(Baritone).

They recorded...

-Tango Of Love/Nervous About Love.Dore Records-1958.
-Just To Be With You/Oh Melancholy Me.Audicon Records.1959.
-I Only Want You/This Is My Love.Audicon Records-1960.
-Gloria/Jungle Drums.Audicon Records-1960.
-Beautiful Dreamer/One Look At You Is All It Look.Audicon Records-1960.
-Make For Lovers/You Don't Love Me Anymore.Audicon Records-1960.
-I Gotta Know/Aphrodite.Octavia Records-1961.
-Lonely Road/One Look At You Is All It Look.Jubilee Records-1962.
-The Bully/Empty Seat.ABC Records-1963.
-Sixteen Candles/The Third Floor.Diamond Records-1963.

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In late 1959 The passions charted #69 in the Billboard list with their ballad_Just To be With You.


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