Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This Five Stars group was from Indianapolis, IN and consisted of Jim Bruhn, Bill Campbell, Larry Hoffman, Bruce Miller(later replaced by Boyd"Popcorn"Johnson) and Ron Russell (Lead).

They recorded:

-Atom Bomb Baby / You Sweet Little Thing .Kernel/Dot Records-1957.
-Dreaming / Pickin'On The Wrong Chicken. Note/Hunt Records-1958.
-Friction / My Paradise. Note Records-1958.
-Am I Wasting My Time / Gamblin'Man. Note Records-1959.

They have unreleasd sides as_Sweet Names. in Note Records-1958.


Also back up to Dottie Fergerson on the 1958 Kernel Sides (later re-released on Mercury)_Slow Burn / You And Me And Love.


Back up to Ronnie Haig on their 1958 Note single_Don't You Hear Me Calling,Baby / Traveler Of Love. (See in this blog).

_Atom Bomb Baby.written by John F. Young performed by The Five Stars recorded 19 March 1957 released as Kernel 45-A-002 (locally) and Dot 45-15579 (nationally).

They performed  on Dick Clark's American bandstand show_PICKIN' ON THE WRONG CHICKEN in March, 1958 along with the flip side, DREAMING.This was their only performance on Bandstand.


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Bill Campbell said...

I am one of the original Five Stars. I don't know who the group is singing Sweet Names on this page but I do know it is not our group. The Herman brothers had quite a few groups that they recorded on Note label and some were never released. This particular one does not belong on this page. Thank you.
Bill Campbell