Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nicholas Macioci (Nick Massi) with Frankie Vally,Tommy DeVito and Bob Gaudio are well know as The Four Seasons but before Nick was part of some vocal groups and was featured on two 1959 singles one by Nickie & The Nite Lites on Brunswick_Tell Me You Care/I'm Lonely. and the other with The Hollywood Playboys(Nick with guitar in the picture) on Rita Records_You Can't Fool My Baby/I'm Lonely.These two groups featured the same song_I'm Lonely.

Listen_You Can't Fool My Baby (Written and lead by Nick).


In the early 60's The Hollywood Playboys group consisted of;
Hugh Garrity,Joey D'amora,Louie Leona and Johnny Meikel.
They recorded for Sure Records-Talk To Audrey/Ding Dong School Is Out.
Listen_Ding Dong School Is Out.


Unknown said...

Yet another group that Tom DeCillis worked with.

richard said...

I was in college in Phoenix in 1961, working as an intern at KRUX, a r'n'r station. I would sort through the 45s that showed up (I was at the station in the evenings for three or four days, and back usually on a Saturday). My friend was Diamond Jim Clausen, a nighttime DJ at the station. Now and then I would pick up a 45 and ask him to play it. "Ding Dong, School is Out" was one of those. I had two girls call in after it was played to say how much they liked it. It had no bearing on the merits of the song; just one I liked. Jim played it a few times, but he seemed to catch on that i was the one who coerced the girls to call in. He gave me the 45 and I still have it, with a few thousand others...after two years of college I moved back to Encinitas (on the coast) and about 10 miles north of us in Oceanside, who turns up? Diamond Jim! I talked to him on the phone a couple of times, then got busy with school in Long Beach. I found out about 10 months later he had died. A great guy who was a good friend to a kid in college.