Friday, January 8, 2010


White vocal group from South Philadelphia consisted of Richie Benatti(Lead),Rob Shaner(1st Tenor),Al Marrone(2nd Tenor),Norm Shaner(Baritone) and Bob Beato (Bass). managed by Steve Toderello.

In 1962 they recorded for Rello Records...

-And When I'm Near You/Goody Goody.

-Be My Girl/We're Strollin'.

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Below left to right; Rob Shaner,Norm Shaner,Richie Benatti,Bob Beato and Al Morrone.

Their second single was reissued in Golden Crest Records. the sides of the group were inspired in others Doo Wop songs as_And When I'm Near You.inspired in The Charts tune_Zoop. or_We're Strollin'.inspired in_While The Fabulaires and_By My Girl.was a cover of Tony & The Twiliters tune.

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The group have unreleased sides as_Glad You're My Girl/Oh What A Nite/What A Chance Have I/I Only Want You.


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