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In the late 50s Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel wanted to be rock and roll stars in the worst way. For some reason they got more than their share of chances. Together or individually they were known as Tom & Jerry, Artie Garr, Tico & the Triumphs and also Jerry Landis.


Tico and the Triumphs were a group Simon and several of his friends formed. "Tico" was Mickey Borack, while Simon kept his stage name of Jerry Landis, and the "Triumphs" included Marty Cooper, Gail Lynn and Howie Beck.

They recorded...

As Tico & The Triumphs.

-Motorcycle/I Don't Believe Then. Madison Records-1961.
-Wild Flower/Express Train. Amy Records-1962.

As Tico(vocal by The Triumphs).

-Cry,Little Boy Cry/Get Up And Do The Wobble. Amy Records-1962.

Unreleased 1962 Amy sides_She'll Be The One Who's Crying, Here Comes The Garbage Man, The Biggest Lie I Ever Told, My Little Girl.

Jerry Landis(uncredited Triumphs).

-I'm Lonely/I Wish I Weren't In Love. Canadian American Records-1961.
-The Lone Teen Ranger/Lisa. Amy Records-1962.

As Tico(Uncredited Triumphs).

Cards Of Love/Noise. Amy records-1962.

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