Monday, July 27, 2009

THE CLASSMEN_My Special Angel

Bobby Goode, "J" Allen, Ray Karnatz and Pete Zaphirio from Pittsburgh.

This group recorded....

-Love Is Gone/My Special Angel.Limelight Records-1963.
-All Time Fool/Do You Wanna Dance.Limelight Records-1964.

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Bobby said...

I came across your site here and was nice to see the old picture and hear "My Special Angel". My name is Bobby Goode and I am the one in the picture bottom center. The other members in the group are "J" Allen, Ray Karnatz and Pete Zaphirio. I was eighteen when this picture was taken. I will be turning 66 January 7th and still singing on a site called My member name there is BobbyG. Stop by for a listen.


Unknown said...


It's Ray Karnatz here! I'd love to get a hold of you--curiosity is going wild! I'm in Centennial, WY living out a dream, but ive been thinking a lot about the old band days lately. Get in touch with me, I've got a lot to tell ya.