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Group from Manhattan,N.Y. with William"Billy Gallant" Galante on the lead voice(3rd from left) and his brother Bobby(1st from left) with Bobby Wicks,Victor Points and Lillie Acosta.

They recorded...

- I See A Star / Come On Baby.Champ Records--1958.


- Hasten Jason / Wouldn't Be Going Steady.Scepter Records-1959.


- Scribbling On The Wall / Thinking Wishing Hoping.Dee Dee Records-1963.
- Thinking Wishing Hoping / If You'd Only Be MyLlove.Goldisc Records-1963.

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Bobby Diskin said...

On "I See A Star" Lillie Acosta is the lead of the Roulettes on Champ Records. Billy Galante told me that he knew no one could tell that we had a girl lead when she sang, I knew it, when I listened to the words, carefully, of Hasten Jason" on Scepter Records decades ago - everyone told me, even recently. I was nuts!. The song "Hasten Jason" is about a girl singing about her guy. The flip side, of "I See A Star," "Come On Baby" is led by Bobby Galante. Lillie Acosta sang lead, in the Roulettes, on "Hasten Jason" on Scepter Records. A dispute'caused Scepter Records from giving this release any promo - hence, it's a super and valued rarity on the original label.

Reading some interview articles, I came up with this information. "Sweetest One" by the Crests ,on Joyce Records, lists "Browne - Mastrangelo" as the writers. In an interview, Johnny Maestro claimed "I didn't write that song - Billy Dawn Smith did." When I spoke to Billy Dawn Smith, he said "I didn't write that song either." I interviewed Billy Galante a little before his passing and he told me this tale: Billy had heard Lillie Acosta, singing in the streets (lower Manhattan), with Johnny Maestro/Crests. Lillie was a stand-in member of the group. Billy had big ideas for this girl. He knew no one could tell that she was a girl, when singing lead or in the harmony. Maestro gave Lillie to Billy. Billy had already started writing songs and he gave one of them to Al Browne for Johnny Maestro and the Crests use. This song was "Sweetest One" written by Billy Galante!

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY

Unknown said...

Wow Bobby that information is priceless, actually thought all of these years that Billy Galante was the lead singer and sang lead on"I See A Star" no idea that it was a girl, is that her in the picture above??? can it be? Anyway that other information about that great classic 'Sweetest One" is the most shocking of all yea i thought it was Johnny that wrote it, good to finally give credit to Billy Galante and sorry too, to hear he's no longer with us. Thank you Bobby Diskin for that great information.

Bobby Diskin said...

You're most welcome. I don't know of a group picture existing with Lillie Acosta in it. I believe it was in 1980, I was listening to "Hasten Jason," by the Roulettes and I listened to the words. The words, to me, was a girl singing about her boyfriend. Then I played "I See A Star" and I hear the same lead voice - obviously now, was that it was a girl lead. Everyone I told this to, told me that I was nuts - including recently. I guess, no one listens to the words, only the sound. On speaking to Billy Galante, some 30 plus years later, he confirmed that the lead singer of the Roulettes was Lillie Acosta.

In a printed interview, Johnny Maestro said that Billy Dawn Smith wrote "Sweetest One." Billy Galante had told me that he wrote "Sweetest One." So when I spoke, in person, to Billy Dawn Smith and mentioned what Maestro said - Billy stated "Maestro's wrong, I didn't write "Sweetest One" and I never heard that Al Browne wrote it either." Last man standing, Billy Galante, he's the one who wrote it !

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY