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RICKY VAC & THE ROCK-A-WAYS (Hilltop Records)

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Interracial band from Berea, OH. consisted of (from the above picture) back from the left; Skip Hadden, Tommy Esian and John Magyar. Front from left, Jimmy Harris, Ricky Vac and Paul Ticherich.

Above picture from Left; Tom Esian, Jimmy Harris, Paul Gillahan, Ricky Vac, Paul Techerich and John Magyar.

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-Collen / How Do You Think I Feel. Hilltop Records-1961.

The A side is dedicated to local classmate girl named Colleen Kaye Siodla (also a singer know as Collen Kaye).

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Also in 1961 they back up to his schoolmate Colleen Kaye Siodla in their Hilltop tunes_Two Girls/Tell Me Why.

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