Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Chicago band formed by(L to R);Frank Bartasis(Bass Guitar),Gary Loizzo(Sax),Jerry Wesolowski( Drums),Phil"De Marco"Dunne(Vocalist) and Gary Dunne(Lead Guitar).

In 1964 they recorded for Debby Records the doowop side_Lonely Guy.with the rockin_Be On Your Way.

Another White recording considered Rare!.

To Listen or Download please visit; http://www.box.net/shared/26dfvo46hb


Stu Shea said...

They also did "Come On Let's Go"/"Lonely Hours" for Cortland records in, I think, 1964. It's more garage, but "Lonely Hours" has a late-night, slower pace.

Unknown said...

Hi Stu,
This is Gary Dunne who played guitar and co-wrote "Lonely Guy" with my brother Phil Dunne (De Marco). "Lonely Guy" and "Be On Your Way" were actually recorded in 1960. You are right about us also recording "Come On Let's Go" (Written by Richie Valens) and "Lonely Hours" (Another of our songs) in 1964. Courtland records had us use just the "Valiants" name on that record since they believed the "Group" name would be more in vogue because of the Beatles being so big at that time.
Thanks for posting the record. There aren't a lot of them around anymore I suppose. It does show up on oldies albums here and there, but your copy and mine are probably quite rare. Thanks again,

Martin's Garage said...

Hi Gary,

hope you're still around this blog. Are your Valiants also the ones that recorded with Jim Friis "Serpents & Spiders / Bop-A-Lena" single?