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THE DEMENSIONS_Ting Aling Ting Toy(China Girl)

Bronx,Beginning of 1960 four members of The Melody Singers the school choral group of The Christopher Columbus high School form a doo wop group,The Demensions;Lenny Del Giudice aka Lenny Dell(Lead,2nd Tenor),Howie Margolin(Baritone,Bass),Charlie Peterson(1st Tenor) and Maria Martelli(Soprano).
Lenny's dad,Lou,became their manager.this send the group to one audittion with Irving Spice of Mohawk Records label.Spice was immediately impressed and he signed The Demensions to recording contract.the group work in the arrangement of the standart_Over The Rainbow.when Charlie announced he was leaving the group but soon was replacing by Lenny uncle,Phil,Phil DelGuidice was twice the age of the other group members.

Over The Rainbow.was released on May 13,1960.It hit Billboard's national charts July 10,1960 climbing to the #16 spot.


The Demensions recorded three new singles for Mohawks Records when Irving Spice decide to sell their contract to Decca's subsidiary label Coral Records.

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Nine singles and one LP followed for Coral and on March 2,1963 The Demensions hit the national charts again with_My Foolish Heart.


In 1964 Marisa Martelli left the group to get married and The Demensions recorded in 1965 their last single_Ting Aling Ting Toy(China Girl).released as by Lenny Dell & The this time the british invasion captured the US charts and the doo-wop group disbanded.

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