Sunday, November 1, 2009

THE DEDICATIONS_Why Don't You Write Me

From New York City;Mike Paquette(Lead), Steve Variccio(Baritone),Kenny Jeremiah(2nd Tenor) and Bobby Bosco(1st Tenor).

They recorded...

-Why Don't You Write Me/Boppin Around.Card Records-1962.with a picture sleeve...

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-Shinning Star/Mary Lou.C&A Records-1963.


JOHNNIE SHEPHERD(The Dedications Back Up Group)
-How Blue My Heart/Boom Boom Boomerang.Tilden Records-1961.


When Steve left the group was replaced by Charlie Ingui when Mike Left was replaced by Richie Ingui when Bobby Left added Joey Forgione on drums,Paul Venturini on organ & Tony Saliba on Guitar and changed the name of the Group to THE SOUL SURVIVORS.
In June 1967 they recorded_Expressway To Your Heart. with Chuck Trois. on Guitar.The rest is history.

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Viaeanguli said...

The Dedications, without a doubt, are the embodiment of New York City style Neo Doo Wop --- pervasive background falsetto, strong leading voice, pleasant harmony, etc. And it seems that I never grow weary of hearing it. What I wonder is how this group has heretofore escaped my attention? Thank you for alerting me.