Sunday, January 3, 2010

THE CONNOTATIONS_Two Hearts Fall In Love

Group from the Bergenfield-Hackensack area of New Jersey consisted L - R:
Joe Frank Pascuzzo, Henry Richard "Dickie" Harmon, Eddie R. Brian, Clinton "Jaki" Davis.
Missing from the photo is Westley Cook. in 1962 they recorded for Technichord Records the sides_Before I Go/Two Hearts Fall In Love.

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In the 70's a reforming Connotation's group with Joel Katz of The Autumns fame(see in this blog),Dickie Harmon, Clinton"Jaki"Davis,Anthony Gusto and Jordan Montenero recorded for Clifton Records.


JOEL & THE CONNOTATIONS_Zoom.Clifton Records- rec 1972; rel 1979.

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