Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Precisions were an interracial Brooklyn quintet formed by Michael Pellegrino,Robert Brooks,David Butler,Alfred Boulding Jr. and Michael Cancilla.Their manager Louis Picciano got them a recording contract with Golden Crest Records owened by Clack Galehouse.where they recorded in 1962...

-Cleopatra/Someone To Watch Over Me.

The A Side was inspired about the exotic and mysterious Queen of the Nile inspired by the popular motion picture starring Elizabeth Taylor.after this recording The Precisions performed on tour with many top artists of the era. They also appeared on stage with radio celebrities Alan Freed, Murray the "K", the WMCA "Good Guy" and the WABC "All Americans" in appearances at the Brooklyn Fox, the New York Paramount, and the legendary Apollo Theater

Above;The Precision's with The DJ "Dandy" Dan Daniel, one of the "WMCA Good Guys".

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