Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CARL BONAFEDE_Two Months Out Of School

Singer Carl Bonafede from Chicago is present in the Kreiter's guide with his EP...

CARL BONAFEDE (Music By John Sills And His Rhythm Jets).

- Two Months Out Of School/Margie Cha-Cha/Another Summer To Remember/Babby Sittin Blues. Impala Records-1960.

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Bobby Diskin said...

The 4 song EP by Carl Bonafede and the Rhythm Jets, on Impala Records, was released in the early 1980s. The original issuance of "Two Months Out Of School" b/w "Margie Cha-Cha by Carl Bonafede and the Rhythm Jets, on Impala Records was originally released (with just these two cuts) in the late 1950s. The original on Impala is super rare. The EP though listed for $80 to $100, by dealers, isn't valued by those who are knowledgeable (of the situation) to be worth more than $15.

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY.

Unknown said...

does anyone know the lyrics to 2 months out of school?