Saturday, December 22, 2012

THE CLASSICS (Abel Records)

In 1959 The Classics a Paintsville,KY band formed by Bill Osborne,Pat Donahue,Richard Titlow,Bill "Fats" Garland and Frank Hughes recorded one single for Abel Records with the sides_Road To Happiness/Stars Are Falling. but the label only credited the disc to their lead singer Bill Osborne.

This recording don't have a doo wop sound but if you want, Listen and Download  A side at;

In late 1959 the band recorded as THE CLASSICS another single for the label present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide...

-To Live My Life/Lonely Without Love. ( A Side. have a doo wop sound with an unknow female singer).

To Listen or Download A Side,please visit;

Or go to Youtube...

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