Wednesday, January 23, 2013

THE BLACKWELLS_Please Don't Come Crying

Popish trio from Laytonville,Ca. consisted of brothers Dewayne and Ron with their sister Glenda Blackwell who from 1959 to 1964 recorded for labels as G & G,Jamie and Hickory Records.

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 They recorded...

-Here's The Question/Please Don't Come Crying. G&G Records-1959.
-Holey Sombrero/Oh My Love. G&G/Guyden Records-1959.
-You Are Free, I'm Alone/Depot. Jamie Records-1959.
-Little Match Girl/The Christmas Holiday. Jamie Records-196l.
-Honey, Honey Always It's You. Jamie Records-1960.
-Unchained Melody/ Mansion On The Hill. Jamie Records-1960.
-Moulin Rouge/You're A Habit With Me. Jamie Records-1960.
-Little Match Girl/The Christmas Holiday. Jamie Records-1961.
-Love or Money/Big Daddy and The Cat. Jamie Records-1961.
-You Took Advantage of Me/I. Jamie Records-1964.
-Playin' Heart Strings I Must Be Perfect. Hickory Records-1964.
-Ballad Of A Young Truck Driver/She Loves The Love I Give Her. Hickory Records-1964.
- I've Been Waiting/The Little Bird. Hickory Records-?.

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