Monday, April 22, 2013

REVIVAL YEARS...The Platinums

Joel Katz grew up in Saddle Brook, NJ where he began in the mid 60's to singing in high school with groups as Joel & The Conchords,The Belvederes,The Butanes or The Autumns(see in this blog).

In the 70's Joel  formed The Connotations and finally  THE PLATINUMS consisted of Eddie Decker, Bob Roman, Joel Katz, Earl Richardson and Billy Ford.

This group is present in the doo wop guides wirth...

-Life Is A But A Dream/My True Story. J & M Records-1979.
-One Summer Night/Teardrops Follow Me. J & M Records-1979.
-Blanche/Walking In The Rain. J & M Records-1980.

To Listen or Download_Blanche. please visit;

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