Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Four Cal-Quettes (capitol Records)

Girl group consisted of;Judi Hersh ,Carol McConkey ,Muffy Cohan and Mary Anne Lucas.
They recorded as The Four Calquettes...
-Star Bright/Billy My Billy.Capitol Records-1961.
-I'm Gonna Love Him Anyway/Most Of All.Capitol Records-1961.
-I'll Never Come Back/Again.Capitol Records-1962.
-Movie Magazines/I Cried.Liberty Records-1963.

For more information and pictures of this group visit;

This group recorded as The Four Coquettes(see in this blog).


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Sara B. said...

Thank you for posting the 4 Cal-Quettes. I've had one 45 of theirs for years, and never knew much about them.