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Present in the doo wop guides with...

-Sweet Words Of Love/Annie Do The Dog. Soma Records-1964.
-Foot Stompin/Route 66. Soma Records-1964
-Book Of Love/Darling Lorraine. Soma Records-1966.
-Shake It For Me/I Can't Stand It. Soma Records-1966.

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THE HI-FIVES(Decca Records)

In 1956 five boys from the Garfield High School in Bergen County, New Jersey formed a vocal group,first know as The Bel-Airs and finally The Shal-Vans they were Dave Brigatti(Lead),Pete Grieco(1st Tenor),Ronnie Menhardt(2nd Tenor),Howie Lanza(Baritone) and Rudy Jezerak(Bass).by the next two years they sang at school affairs,dances and amateur shows some of these in the Apollo Theatre.

In 1958 their manager,Junie Dee send the group to Decca Records for an audition,the label liked the group but not like the name Shal-Vans and change their name to The Hi-Fives also the label changed their original black vocal group sound to a pop vocal group sound. The first recording came out in February,1958_My Friend/How Can I Win. the A side became very popular.

Two months later their second recording was out_Dorothy/Just A Shoulder To Cry.the B side have the background copied from The Heartbeat's tune_Crazy For You.


_Dorothy. was a small hit in New York and a top ten in Hawaii the group did a lot of touring with this recording incluide Hawaii.


In the summer of 1958 they recorded the side_Lonely. with words in italian and the B side_What's New,What's New. in this recording Joey Dee of The Starlighters fame(see in this blog) replaced Howwie Lanza.without success and disgusted with Decca the group finally disbanded and only Dave Brigatti continuing to sing.


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THE RIFFS_Little Girl

Group from Brooklyn formed by L to R;Louey Laguori,Joe LoCicero,Jimmy Nisi,Richard Giavelli and Carmine DeSena.

In 1958, Joe LoCicero originated and sang lead in a group entitled "The Creations", who wrote and recorded "Wake Up In The Morning" and "Strolling Through The Park" on the Pinecrest Label from Philadelphia. The original group members consisted of Richie Giovelli, Carmine DeSena, Louie Ligouri and Vinny Tilotta. They later recorded an old standard, "My Heart Belongs To Only You" on Jamie Label in 1961, produced by musical director Carl Ferci.

In 1963, The Creations changed their name to "The Riffs" under the management of writer and producer, Phil Spina(who sang with The Velvet Keys,see in this blog), and new member Jimmy Nisi who replaced Vinny Tilotta. Their recordings included, "Little Girl", "Why Are The Nights So Cold", "Where There Is A Will There Is Away", "Storm", and "Tell Tale Friends", recorded on New York Labels, Sunny, Old Town and Crystal Ball. Later on, they released an LP, "The Riffs Now & Then", which featured all original Riff recordings.

-Little girl / Why Are The Nights So Cold.Sunny Records-1964.

-Tell Tale Friends / Why Are The Nights So Cold.Old Town-1965.

-Storm / Where There's A Will.Crystal Ball Records-1978.


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RANDY & THE ROCKETS (Viking & Jin Records)

Members are;Randy David,Dan Silas,Huey Darby,Oran Richard,Dennis Norris.

Records from The Complete Book Of Doo Wop;

- Genevieve / If you Really Care.Viking Records-1959.
- Let's Do The Cajun Twist / Rocket's Twist.Jin records-1962
- No More Trouble/Bye Bye Baby.Jin Records-1962.

But they don't have a doo wop sound.


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In early 1956 Hank Mendress and Neil Sedaka were in the same grade in the Lincoln High School in Brooklyn when decided to form a vocal group they recruited others two schoolmates Eddie Rabkin and Cynthia Zolitin and took their name The Linc-Tones from the name of their high school.

The group got jobs at various community halls and local auditoriums as well as in the USO veteran shows.Cynthia's cousin Happy Gorday a manager in the Bill Building became their manager and send the group to Morty Craft of Melba Records for an audition.Craft signed them and recorded the group in the Beltone studios in New York City were they perfoming_I Love My Baby. (with eddie on Lead)_While I Dream. (with Sedaka on Lead)_Right Or Wrong. (writen by Neil Sedaka and Howie Greenfield with Cynthia on Lead)_Lover Lips. (again with Cynthia) and more songs as_Don't Go/Blue Moon. or_Come Back Joe.

Finally Mr. Craft released in 1956 the sides_I Love My Baby/While I Dream. on their Melba label but no before Goday convinced the group to come up with a better name,The Tokens(took from the phrase"Token Of My Affection").


The recording got radio play but soon died and Neil Sedaka let the group to took their solo career and was replaced by Ian Kay later of The Accents(see in this blog) but when Eddie and Cynthia leave for college the group finally broke up.Hank Mendress soon form another group Darrell & The Oxfords(see in this blog).

Unreleased sides...

"Laura Lee" is a demo song recorded in 1956 .The next year Neil Sedaka re-recorded the song as his first release as a solo artist for Decca Records.


From The Complete Book Of Doo Wop...


From Hollywood, CA formed in 1963 by Bob Mahoney, Larry Buttes, Bob Butts, and Jack Igo.

-I'm So Lonely/Road Of Blues. Sahara Records-1963.

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Followed in 1964 by one single side_Beatle Walk b/w Frantic(By The Premiers). this side is a response to the Beatles first hits in the US charts.


In 1964 changed their name to The Haciendas and recorded_Sherry Stole Xmas/Mariane. for Pacific Challenger Records.


 Additional note...

Bob Mahoney and his wife Dottie recorded_I'm Sorry/Won't You Give Your Love To Me. as The Pledges for Hamilton Records in 1959.


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THE ACCENTS_Rags To Riches

Ian Kay born in Manchester,England and when he was a kid your family moved to Brooklyn,NY. In 1957 at the age of 16 singing for a brief time with The  Linc-Tones (see in this blog) after Neil Sedaka left the group.  Later Ian have his own group formed in the section of Flatbush,The Vocal Kings consisted of  Howie,Wally;Johnny and Ian.unafortunelly they never recorded.

Below The Vocal Kings.

 In 1960 Ian were a student at Eramus and Lincoln High School on the Bordwalk of Brigton Beach in Brooklyn and with others schoolmates formed a new group under the name of The Dreamers consited of Shelly Weiss(1st tenor),Ian Kaye(Baritone),Allan Senzan(2nd Tenor) and Mike Lasman(Lead). Mike recorded in 1958 as lead singer of Mike & The Utopians on the Ceejay label and Shelly recorded with Bobby Roy & The Chord-A-Roys(see in this blog).

The group singing on the Flatbush avenues where Jerry Halperin owner of Halperin music discover the guys and became their manager,Jerry send the group to subsidiary Carlton label,Guarantedd Records in New York where recorded in 1960 a popish disc with the standard_Canadian Sunset. And the B Side_Mary Mary. with these pop sides and one poor promotion from the label the disc dead soon.


Without success the group changed their name to The Accents and their sound,auditioned for Sultan Records with the standard_Rags To Riches. And the old jewish ballad_Where Can I Go. (this tune have a middle section sang in hebrew),the label released the tunes in 1963 and the A Side soon was a local hit,the group appearead in an Alan Freed show at the Ambassdor Hotel in the Catskill Mountains.

 Above The Accents; (l-r Shelly Weiss, Al Senzon, Mike Lasman, Ian Kay).

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The group back up to Scott English on his 1963 Spokane’s sides_High on A Hill/Heres Comes The Pain/All I Want Is You. And finally broke up.



Ian and Allan were part with The Del Satins of the Dion’s back up group on his 1964 hit_Ruby Ruby. Shelly singing wityh Jay & The Americans and became their manager for a brief period in 1965.

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Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture

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THE STARLETS_Where Is My Love Tonight

Female group from New Jersey formed in 1959 and consisted of Linda Malzone,Barbara Allbut,Maurreen ? and Bernadette Carroll.Before recordings Maurreen was replaced by Phyllis "Jiggs" Allbut.
This group recorded in 1960 for Astro Records...
-P.S. I Love You/Where Is My Love Tonight.
-Romeo & Juliet/Listen For A Lonely Tambourine.

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The Starlets soon to become The Angels (see in this blog).

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THE DYNAMICS( Arc & Decca Records)


Group from the Painfield High School in New Jersey consisted of Albert Price, Walter Price, Walter Popdora, Chester Popdora, Bill Jennings and Paul Nocilla.

They recorded....

- Enchanted love / Happiness and love .Arc Records-1959.

-Jo Baby / What's wrong with me. Arc Records-1959 (As Skip Milo & The Dynamics).

- Seems like only yesterday / How should I feel. Decca Records-1960.

- At the end of each day / The girl by the gate. Decca Records-1960.


Read a newspaper article about The Dynamics...

The Dynamics,” a six-piece vocal harmony doo-wop group from New Jersey. The Dynamics toured right out of high school .The band, consisting of Albert Price, Walter Price, Walter Popdora, Chester Popdora, Bill Jennings and Paul Nocilla, traveled up and down the east coast in a big DeSoto for gigs, even performing on the Dick Clark Show. They Cut three Singles For Arc & Decca Records and backed Skip Milo on  "Jo Baby" b/w "What's Wrong With Me" on the Arc label. When the stardom wore off and the group started to go in different directions, Nocilla sang with Joey Dee and the Starliters. Probably most famous for “Peppermint Twist,” Joey Dee and the Starliters were the house band for the Peppermint Lounge in New York City.

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THE FIVE SHARKS-Pioneers of Acapella Group Harmony

Formed in the Bronx, New York, in 1963 by founding members Mark Dinep (lead), Steve Horn(bass), and background members Eddie Schwartz, Henry Levy, and Larry Rosensweig. This group put together a large body of work and recorded the classic “Stormy Weather” along with Acapella versions of “Possibilities”, “Canadien Sunset”, and “Happy Teenager” plus many other songs on Old Timer and Siamese record labels. In 1965, Kenny Bank and Henry Salas joined the group replacing Levy and Rosensweig. This group continued to record and perform until 1968 and also had a large body of work that can be heard on the Acapella recordings of “So Much In Love”, the haunting “Flames 66”, “Teardrops Follow Me” and “Stand By Me” among others on the Cat-Time and Siamese labels. The Five Sharks were part of the best Acapella albums ever put out ("I Dig Acapella" Cat Time LP Vols. 1 & 2).
In the late 60's early 70's with the dead of the acappella sound the group recorded as Dawns Early Light for Diamond Records.

Listen The Five Sharks.

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DAVE T (DEL-RAYS)_Girl In My Heart

Ray Gambio,Richard Ratini,Bill "Wizzie" Sutherland and Guido Rosati.

In this record the lead singer are Dave Teolis(Dave T).



Vocal group founded by Gerry Granahan as Dicky Doo in Brooklyn.Group named after the nickname of Dick Clark's son,Dicky Doo group featured Harvey Davis(Bass),Ray Gangi(Guitar),Al Ways(Sax) and Dave Alldred(Drums).

In 1958 they have a top 20 with_Click Clack.for Swan Records.

They recorded...

-Click Clack / Did You Cry?.Swan Records-1957.
-Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu / Flip Top Box.Swan Records-1957.
-Leave Me Alone (Let Me Cry) / Wild Party.Swan Records-1957.
-Teardrops Will Fall / Come With Us.Swan Records-1958.
-Ballad Of A Train / Dear Heart, Don't Cry.Swan Records-1959.
-Wabash Cannonball.Swan Records-1960.
-Click Clack '65 / Don't Count Me Out.Ascot Records-1965.

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http:// granahan.html

Listen_Did You Cry

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THE IMAGINATIONS (Music Makers & Ballad Records)

In 1961 in Bellmore, Long Island, NY. Were formed the vocal group know as The Imaginations consisted of Frank Mancuso (lead), Bobby Bloom (first tenor), Phil Agtuca (second tenor), Pete Agtuca (baritone) and Richard LeCausi (bass) all from Wantagh, LI.

They auditioned for Tony Serafino of Galaxie productions who liked the group and send this to Music Makers Records where the group recorded on March,1961 two original tunes_Goodnight Baby/The Search Is Over. (Mickey”Guitar”Baker of Mickey & Silvia and King Curtis were some of the musicians in this session).


The A Side was very popular in New York City,Baltimore,Philadelphia and Washington.the group appear on a Clay Cole and Jerry Blavat shows.

Their second release also on Music Makers on May was as back up group to Darlene Day on his sides_Will/I Love You So.


Followed for another own record with the side_Guardian Angel(original by The Selections) and their own composition_Hey You.



These two sides were two potential hits and the label sold the master to Duel Records but this give to poor promotion and the recording failed in the national charts.

 In 1962 Frank left the group and joined the marines,now the group have a new Lead named Bobby Caupin and recorded on January,1962 with him as Bobby Caupin & The Ebonaires_Chapell Bells/My Little Girl. But these sides never were released.



After this recording Philip,Pete,Richie and Bobby on lead back again as The Imaginations but with a black sound in their sides_Wait A Little Longer Son/Mamma’s Little Baby.


Released on their own label Ballad Records but the record failed again in the charts and the group finally disbanded in late 1962.

Above The Imaginations at the 4th 4 of July festivities at the Beech St. School in Wantagh, LI.

In 1976 Harvey Records released The Imaginations unreleased sides_I’ll Never Let You Go/Mystery Of You.


In 1985 Relic Records released an album with all the sides and unreleased songs(except_I Hate To See A Little Girl Crying.) of the group.

Hey You /Autumn leaves /The Search is Over /Never let you go /The mystery of you /Harry Goody /Fannie Brown /I love You So /My Little girl /Chapel bells /Will /Wait a little longer son /Goodnight Baby /Guardian Angel / Mamma little baby.



In 1963 Frank Mancuso Recorded with The Cor-Don’s ( see in this blog)

In 1963 Bobby,Philñip,Pete and Richie recorded as The Expressions on Parkway Records(see in this blog).

In 1964 Philip recorded with The Four Motions(see in this blog).

The Imaginations Live...

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THE CHAPERONES (Josie Records)

The Chaperones Tony Amato (lead), Roy Marchesano (1st tenor), Tommy Ronca (second tenor), Nick Salvato (baritone) and Richard Messina (bass). Tommy and Roy went to Farmingdale High School on Long Island, Tony was from Deer Park and Nick was from Bethpage. The group had a couple of different names prior to the Chaperones including the Sharptones and Fairlanes. The name "Chaperones" was given to us by Jubilee records because dances and proms were popular at the time and the term was in vogue.

In 1959, the group was invited to record for the famous Josie label. One of the members Nick went to school at C.W. Post college with Steve Blaine whose father was Jerry Blaine head of Jubilee Records. The song was "Cruise To the Moon." (actually written by Roy Machesano and shared with all the Chaperones members) It was produced by Steve Blaine and Mickey Eichner. It was just terrific - the most exciting time. We never dreamed it would do anything. All of a sudden you start hearing it on the radio.While the group was waiting for Cruise to the Moon to be released (it was recorded in May 1959 but not released until the summer of 1960 with the B side_Dance With Me)


They backed up Lee Adrian on Barbara, Let's Go Steady and So Lonely (Richcraft Records).

Other memorable shows included Murray the K gigs at Frontierland and Freedomland, shows with the Earls and one memorable show when they appeared with the Five Satins and one where they backed Paul Anka. The group's follow up record - Shining Star (1961) was an attempt to play on the success of Little Star by the Elegants and Hushabye by the Mystics. The B side was_My Shadow And Me.


They backed Lou Jordan on Paradise for Two b/w Close Your Eyes (1961) on Josie. They then released their last record on Josie a remake of Blueberry Sweet by the Chandeliers b/w Man From the Moon - the follow up from their early success.


Tommy Ronca left for Las Vegas where he performed for many years and produced Vegas shows.
In the 80's Tony and Nick reformed the group with Kin Chlandra and Danny Saatori and recorded for Tabor Records one single_Pizza Pie/I Dream.

Complete information at;

THE IDOLS_The Stars Will Remember

White group from Lodi,CA consisted of Lionel Handel,Mike Marmon,John Lops and Larry Westgate.

In 1961 recorded two singles...

-Tell Me/We Dined By Candlelight .Camelia Records.

-The Stars Will Remember/Tell Me .Galaxie Records.


Read a brief bio of the group from the Lodi News-Sentinel Newspaper on May,18,1961...

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THE BOULEVARDS_Chop Chop Hole In The Vall

In 1957 record producer Jerry Love open a record store on Bell Bouleverd in Bayside Queens,NY.

In 1959 he signed a local group know as The Boulevards;Frankie Zazo,Lou Adessa,Jim Alessandria(the three from a prior group know as The Debonaires),Bobby Thomas and Ralph Lasher.

In 1959 the group recorded for Jerry the sides_Dolores/Chop Chop Hole In The Wall. finally released in the Everest label.
From their recording session The Boulevards have unreleased sides as_A Place In Your Heart,Angel,Don't Cry,You Better Admit It,Jezebel,Heavenly Father and_Glory Of Love.


Un 1960 an Akron,Ohio group know as The Fascinations send a tape to Jerry with the songs_Midnight /Doom Bada Doom. Jerry signed the group,polished the songs with some strings and send to Eddie Rasbaum for release on his label Sure Records(see in this blog).

The recording failed on the charts ,the group return to Ohio with the exception of their Lead singer Jordan Chistopher who with members of The Boulevards recorded as Jordan & The Fascinations (see in this blog).

White Group Pictures; The Skyliners


From Pittsburgh; Jimmy Beaumont(Lead),Janet Vogel(Tenor),Wally Lester(Tenor),Joe Verscharen(Baritone) and Jackie Taylor(Bass).

In early 1959 they charted #12 with their tune_Since I Don't Have You. and in the mid 1960 charted # 24 with_Pennies From Heaven.


For more information about this group visit;

Also see in this blog the pre-Skyliners group THE CRESCENTS ,THE SKYLINERS 2nd Group,THE SKYLINERS(Cameo Group) and JIMMY BEAUMONT.