Thursday, November 20, 2008

RANDY & THE ROCKETS (Viking & Jin Records)

Members are;Randy David,Dan Silas,Huey Darby,Oran Richard,Dennis Norris.

Records from The Complete Book Of Doo Wop;

- Genevieve / If you Really Care.Viking Records-1959.
- Let's Do The Cajun Twist / Rocket's Twist.Jin records-1962
- No More Trouble/Bye Bye Baby.Jin Records-1962.

But they don't have a doo wop sound.



Unknown said...

My step-father was Dennis Norris. He was the main singer/pianist/song-writer for the band. Being from South Louisiana, their style of music was known as "Swamp Pop". Thank you for posting my father's music here. :)

- Mike

Unknown said...

my name is Kyle darby son of huey darby drummer vocalist remember them practicing at my house must a been 7 or 8 years old WHAT A BLAST

jsuire said...

Thanks for keeping my dad’s memory alive. He was the most talented singer and drummer, radio announcer, dad and grandfather. He could pick up almost any instrument and entertain us. I miss his voice.
Jodie Darby Suire

Unknown said...

My dad was an amazing artist and singer. His high range voice was incredible. I will never stop missing him. RIP my sweet daddy Dennis Norris.♥️

– Lisa Norris Waguespack