Wednesday, March 4, 2009

THE FOUR YOUNG MEN (Crest & Dore Records)

Pop goup from Louisiana;Gib Guilbeau,Darrell Cotton,Ernie Williams and Wayne Moore.
They were present in the doo wop guides as...

Bobby Edwards & The Four Young Men.
-You're The Reason/I'm A Fool For Loving You.Crest Records-1960.

The Four Young Men.
-You Been Torturing Me/See Them Laugh.Crest Records-1961.
-Sweetheart Of Senior High/Just For Tonight.Crest Records-1961.
-That Man Paul/Garden In The Rain.Dore Records-1961.
-The FBI / The Great War.Unreleased-1961.

The Young Men Four.
-Don't Be Bashful, Little Girl/Goodbye, Bye, Bye, Bye.Crest Records-1962.

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Listen The Four Young Men_Just For Tonight.

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