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BOB KNIGHT FOUR (Their Complete Bio)

In 1957 John Ropers(Bass) and Ralph Garone(2nd Tenor) with Charlie Licata and Tony Darrow were part of the Brooklyn vocal group The Dolphins.later when Bobby Bovino(Lead) and Paul Ferrigno(1st Tenor) joined the group they changed their name to The Bobby Dells and recorded many demos songs as_I Wish I Knew Why.


In 1960 Tony and Charlie left the group,this signed with Tony Sepe owner of Laurel Records,Tony wanted the group to song_So Long.he recorded proviously in 1959 by a group called The Corvets(see in this blog).Tony also change their name to The Bob Knight September 1961 the group recorded_So Long. under the new title of_Good Good By. and the B side_How Old Must I Be.

Actually_Good Good The Bob Knight Four was the take recorded by the Corvets as_So Long.(Tony used this take as A side with a new B side recorded by The Bob Knight Four).


After two more releases on Laurel_For Sale/You Gotta Know. and the one side DJ copy_Well I'm late 1961 the group back up to Eddie Delmar on Madison Records releases_Garden In The Rain/My Heart Beckons You. and_Love Bells/Blanche. In early 1962 they backed to Bob Gerardi of The Rockin Chair's(see in this blog) in the Recorte recording sides_You're Everything To Me/Nobody Wants You Anymore. these sides were released under the name of Bob Gerardi & The Classic Four.Finally the group back up to Vinny Monte on his_One Of The Guys.

Picture in the right;Eddie Delmar.


In this time the group moved to Josie/Jubilee Records where they release in April 1962 The Chaperones unreleased tune_Memories. and The Four Aces side_Somewhere.

A year late in May 1963 they recorded on Jubilee Records_Two Friends(inspired in The Moonglow's tune_Sincerely) and The Royaltones side_Crazy Love.Somewhere in 1962 Laurel Records release_Hurry Hurry Home. by Sandy Lynn this is again The Corvets/Bob knight Four_Good Good By.vocal and instrumental track with Sandy's lead added.Laurel also lease this to Challenge Records and were released as by Linda & The Tears.finally some masters of the group were sale to Taurus Records by the owner of Laurel Records of course without any knowledge of The Bob Knight Four.Taurus released the master_Good Good By. as_So So Long. and_Well I'm Glad.master as_You Tease Me. and_For Sale. as_I'm Selling My Heart.


The music scene was changing with the brithis invasion and members of the group go their separate ways.

In late 1964 John Ropers and Ralph Garone with new members Frank Lovino,Snooky Rizzo and Charlie Licata of The Bobby Dell's Days recorded_Tomorrow We'll Be Married/Willingly.on the Laurie Records subsidiary label Goal Records.Eddie Delmar was to be part of this session.

After they recorded several demos in the mid 60's the group finally 1973 with the doo wop revival the group back,they recorded some acappella sides and Kape Records released an album.the group are present in the doo-wop circuit until early 90's.

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