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THE ELEGANTS_It's Just A Matter Of Time

(Clockwise from top:Frank Tardagno,Carman Romano,Jimmy Moschella,Vito Picone and Artie Venosa).

1957 in Staten Island when Pat Cordel & The Crescents(see in this blog) broke up Vito Picone(Lead) and Carman Romano(Baritone) with Arthur Venosa(Tenor) Frank Tardogna(2nd Tenor) and James Moschello(Bass) form The Elegants(Vito took the group name from a Whiskey advertisement) they sing in local talent shows and auditioned for Aladdin and Ivy Records without result.

The Elegant's won some talent shows with their Mozart revised tune_Little Star.(written by Vito & Arnie) when were informmed that The Five Secrets(see in this blog) planning to record this song for Decca Records.the group ask the help of Bea Caslin owner of Hull Records this recorded the sides_Little Star/Getting Dizzy. and leased the masters to ABC-Paramount Records,this label released in June,1958 these sides in their subsidiary label APT Records.

_Little Star.was a mundial HIT number #1 in USA,#25 in England and #9 in Australia and The Elegant's sound influencied many white groups of the late 50's early 60's.


Two more singles followed the hit on ABC Records_Please Believe Me/Goodnight. and_True Love Affair/Pay Day. without success the group return to Hull Records where recorded one single in 1959_Little Boy Blue/Get Well Soon. but soon moved to United Artists where cut other two singles in 1960_Let My Prayers Be With You/ Speak Low. and_ Happiness/Spiral. and again back to ABC Records where released one single in 1961_I've Seen Everything/Tiny Cloud. all these recordings never have a great success in the charts.

In 1963 Vito was injured in an accident and the rest of the group did one more single with Frank as Lead on Photo Records_A Dream Can Come True/Dressin' Up.(see in this blog The Elegants-without Vito).after this recording the group broke up.

When Vito back he recorded as a solo artist for Admiral and IPG Records and in 1965 signed with Laurie Records and recorded with The Tremonts(see in this blog) as Vito & The Elegants_ Barbara Beware/A Letter From Vietnam. and as The Elegantes_ Brink Back Wendy/Wake Up.


After these recordings Vito reformed The Elegants with original member Jimmy Moschella and the new members Nini Arnotto and Freddie Redman and recorded another single on Laurie Records_ Belinda/Lazy Love. but the record soon died.the last work of the group were as back up group of The Barbarian's release_Moulty. this is the final act of The Elegants group.

In 1974 Bim Bam Boom Records released one single with the 1960 demos sides_Lonesome Weekends/It's just A Matter Of Time. and in the 80's Crystal Ball Records released another demos of the group as_Human Angel/Still Waiting/Bufflin/Green Eyes or the Hull Lp cut_Still Waiting.

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The Elegants at the Alan Freed's 4th anniversary rock and roll show 'The Big Beat' at the Brooklyn Fox Theater on August 29, 1958 in New York, New York.

In the Complete Book Of Doo Wop is listed another release by The Elegants_I Tried/Love Me And Don't Fool Around. on Elegants Records. THIS IS A DIFFERENT ELEGANT'S GROUP lead by Ray Gillette.


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