Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Band from Swanley in the county of Kent,England formed by Bernard Finch,Eddie Hayes,Bob Griffiths and Geoff Hughes.

They are present in all the US doo wop guides with their version of The Ripchords song_Gone. and their original tune_This Is paradise. recorded for Arwin Records in 1964.

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Unknown said...

On their first release - "Girl in Zanzibar", Arnie Ginsberg, of Jan and Arnie, and a label mate on Arwin, is reportedly on the recording.

RitualBern said...

This version was recorded by a band that came fron Swanley in England. "Gone" was recorded together the other side "This Is Paradise" and produced by Kim Fowley in London in 1964. Only the five band members and P J Proby were on the recording. The band that recorded Girl in Zanzibar is a different band altogether.