Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thomas Wayne Perkins born in Battsville,Missisippi and moved to Humes High School in Menphis.He was the brother of Luther Perkins Johnny Cash's guitar player and always wanted to sing,with the help of his brother,Wayne contacted with Elvis Presley's band members Scotty Moore and Bill Black who with Sun Drummer J.M. Van Eaton recorded to Wayne one rockabilly single_You're the One That Done It/This Time. first issued on Fernwood Records and later re-released on Mercury in March 1958.

Songwritters Gerald Nelson and Fred Buch offer the song_Tragedy. (first recorded for the writters with their band The Escorts) to Moore and this to Wayne who recorded the song with a girl back up trio he know from the high school,The Delons;Nancy Reed,Sandra Brown and Carol Moss. -Tragedy/Saturday Date. was released on October 1958 on Fernwood Records.


The A Side was inmediately a regional hit(charted #5 in January 1959).the label receive a big demand of copies and finally sold one million of copies and Wayne and the girls appearing on Dick Clarck's American Banstand Show.

Wayne recorded another single with The Delons_Eternally/Scandalizing My name. and again the A Side charted nationally # 92 in May 1959.


Wayne continue recording as a solo artists but never charted again.He killed in an auto accident on 8/15/71.He was just 31 years of age.

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