Sunday, January 10, 2010

THE ROCKAWAYS (Epic Records)

In 1956-57 the New York City Columbia Subsidiary label Epic Records released two singles of The Rockaways,a Rock & Roll Band Fron Long Island this have in one side as lead Singer to Ken Darrell and in the another side a girl named Alicia.

Epic Single.9191-1956.
-Why Can't I Be Loved?. as by Alicia & The Rockaways.
-Never Comin' by Ken Darrell & The Rockaways.

Epic Single.9226-1957.
-I'm Not Going by Alicia & The Rockaways. by Ken Darrell & The Rockaways.

To Listen or Download please visit;

Above;The Rockaways with Ken and Alicia in the center.

More? go to Youtube.


Unknown said...

my dad is on this song,, way cool,,,,,

Unknown said...

I have an original acetate by the Revelers of the same song written by Wally Zober. Male lead on this one. Real good.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the same ACETATE (won on eBay for $20.00) of Ken Darrell And The Revelers - "Never Comin" Back". It's a slightly smoother sound (read: less echo) than the download link you have.

Hate to compare the two but vocals are very much like Pat Boone ("Don't Forbid Me") when he's Rockin'. I say "hate" because Pat get's a bad rap but he does have a great voice and I like him. There might be a bit of Jack Scott thrown in there also.

A great song !!!