Sunday, January 24, 2010


Unrecorded group from Sunnyside,Queens,NY. formed in 1957 and consisted of Ray Russell(1st Tenor), Jimmy"HoHo"Pace (2nd Tenor),Jimmy Parker(Baritone),Bob Foley(Bass) and Sal Corolla(Lead).They recorded in 1958 two demos_Teenage Sweetheart/I Love You So.

To Listen or Download_I Love You So, please visit;

In late 1959 Ronnie Pomerantz joined the group and this changed their name to The Essentials and recorded the demo_Teenage Sweetheart/Me And My Girl.

Tony Sepe of Lauerl Records signed the group and this recorded two new sides_The Night We First Met/Little Girl. But the label never released these two sides. In this time The Essentials singing in many local shows under the name of The Armores and finally disbanded. In this time Jimmy was involved with the Elites on Abel Records.

Later Jimmy and Ronnie recorded with The Newports (see in this blog).

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