Wednesday, May 25, 2011

THE HAPPENINGS_See You In September

The Happenings( aka The Four Graduates) were present in the Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-Girls On The Go/Go-Go. B T Puppy Records-1966.
-See You In September/He Thing He's A Hero. B T Puppy Records-1966.
-Go Away Little Girl/ Tea Time. B T Puppy Records-1966.
-Goodnight My Love/Lillies By Money. B T Puppy Records-1966.
-I Believe In Nothing/My Mummy. B T Puppy Records-1967.
-Why Do Fools Fall In LOve/When The Summer Is Through. B T Puppy Records-1967.

In the summer of 1966 charted # 3 nationally with _See You In September. originally by The Tempo's(see in this blog).

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In April 1967 charted again #3 with the tune_I Got Rhythm.


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