Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Fairmonts_Lucky Guy

In 1960 brothers Ray and Myron Muffs start their own label Planet Records in the back of their Music Store on Empire Street in Providence,Rhode Island.

This Planet label don't have any relation with the Planet label of The Capris "There's A Moon Out Tonight" fame.

The brothers recorded local groups as The Fairmonts, a white group with members from the Rhode Island's sections of Providence and Cranston.

In 1960 the label released the Fairmont's single...

-Lucky Guy/Times And Places.

Both sides were writen by members Cosmo B. Del-Nigro who sang lead on the A Side and Robert Salvatore who sang Lead on the B Side.

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Also see in this blog another white groups from this label,The Del-Rays and The Malibus.

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