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-Oriental Goddess/We Are Strangers. Fun Records-1966.

Value; $75.

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Whitedoowopcollector said...

I receive this Email from Monique Moya daughter of a member of the band...

The Bostels were 4 white guys and four black guys, played amazing Soul music! (They were not really a doo-wop band, altho this recording sounds like it.) I remember the month-long discussion between Paul and my parents when he was asked to play in the band, he'd been subbing intermittently and they liked him alot so invited him to replace whoever. My parents were reluctant and were campaigning for "after graduation" not while still in school but finally relented. That conversation went like this, they in the living room in a sit down, me (about 12 years old) eavesdropping in the kitchen: "Ok, we decided you can join the band, but ...here's a few rules, blah, blah, AND we're not staying home weekends, so you'll have to plan to take AND watch your sister (me!) -- ha! I was consigned to being a groupie to the Bostel's! What a blast! One of the soundtracks of my life - thank you Paul. (Died 1.5 years ago from cancer, the effects of Agent Orange and a fair amount of heartbreak too. He was a sweet boy.)

The band didn't recover from Vietnam, 2 guys didn't come back, 1 was missing an arm and my dad had agent orange sickness and PTSD......

MarketingMaven said...


RE: The Bostels
Thank you for posting my brother Paul's record online to hear! I am actually the little sister who tells this story. I was the lucky groupie! Monique, his daughter, apparently emailed the story to you which may have created some confusion.

The Bostels were fabulous, swept every battle of the bands New England wide. They opend at The Hive, a warehouse in the South End of Springfield, MA for Vanilla Fudge and also Three Dog Night, and also for -- Wilson Pickett at the Springfield Auditorium believe it or not! We were baffled when they wanted to charge us $2 vs. the usual 50 cents entrance fee, and worse, move The Bostels from the lead band to opening! Who were The Vanilla Fudge and later who ever heard of Three Dog Night, we asked?! Then, they played. And we knew. The Bostels were blown away, I remember their amazement and were then delighted to say they opened for these bands who then went on to their illustrious careers!

Carol Bousquet, Aug. 2014

Bobby Diskin said...

Anyone hear a song "Oriental Garden" by Ramona King on Eden Records (1962)? It might have had an influence on the writers of "Oriental Garden" by the Bostels (1966). You can hear Ramona's record on Youtube. See what you think. Ramona King also was the lead on "Writing This Letter"/"Playboy" for the Fairlanes on Continental Records (1961) - great doowop two sider.

Another record, that I believe is the same Bostels as on Fun Records:
"Everybody Has Somebody"/ "Please Come Back" by "Bostels On The Rocks" on Tiptone Records (mid 60s). I have to believe the Bostels and Bostels On The Rocks is the same vocal group/band - their sound is spot on. And L.L Tipton, who owned Tiptone Records, was also the writer of the two songs. Lionel "Larry" Tipton, in 1956, wrote "So Good" and was a member of the Playboys who recorded it for Tetra Records. I believe he's the lead, of the Playboys, on "So Good." He didn't write the flip "One Question." The Playboys were managed by Tetra's owner Monty Bruce who was Alan Freed's son-in-law for a bit.

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY

Bobby Diskin said...

My above post should read (the 2nd sentence) - It might have had an influence on the writers of "Oriental Goddess" by the Bostels (1966).

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY

Unknown said...

Bobby Diskin is 100% correct when he notes that the Bostels and the Bostels On The Rocks were the same group.

This has been confirmed by Bostels' member, Ralph Galarneau.

Tony D'Ambrosio - Brooklyn, NY