Tuesday, May 8, 2012

THE CATALINAS (Mundo Records)

Band from La Crosse,Wisconsin formed by Al Posniak. In 1962 recorded for Cuca Records the sides_War Party/Crazy Twistin' Baby.

In 1963 the band consisted of Denny Noie,Harry Wheelock,Bob Dix and Jim Kelly who recorded an oriented doo wop record on the Mundo label present in the Kreiter's guide...

-Hey! Little Girl/Forever And A Day.

This record was released with a picture sleeve.

To Listen or Download_Hey! Little Girl. please visit;https://www.box.com/s/74d18a12b92935b6ebfa

Or go to Youtube...

The band continue recording since 1967 under the names of The Catalinas and The Golden Catalinas but these recordings don't were present in the doo wop guides.


Andy Pemrich said...

The Catalinas (later the Golden Catalinas) were from Appleton, not La Crosse, WI. They recorded one of their singles there, and since it was advertised on the label, history has occasionally mislisted their home as such. Harry Wheelock and Bob Dix grew up in Kaukauna, Al Posniak (founder of Target and Tee Pee records labels) was from Appleton, and Jim Kelly was from Menasha. All four have passed away; Harry in 1987, Bob in 1988, Al in 2000, and Jim in 2017.

Andy Pemrich said...

Denny Noie was only temporarily in the band, during a period when Al was out. He does not feature on the Hey Little Girl single, or its cover. Denny's only recording with the Catalinas was their 4th single (of 6), Dee Dee/It Ain't a Big Thing, on Knight Records. It was reissued in the 70's on Mean Mountain Music, and the band re-recorded Dee Dee in 1967, just before they broke up, with Pete Sorce on vocals, again without Al Posniak, who was running their label full time.