Wednesday, January 16, 2013

THE VOGUES_Midnight Dreams

The Vogues from Turtle Creek,PA formed by Bill Burkette (Lead), Charles"Chuck"Blasko (Tenor), Hugh Geyer (Tenor) and Don Miller (Baritone) started in 1960 as THE VAL-AIRES on Willett/Coral Records(see in this blog).

From 1965 they recorded as The Vogues and were present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide with...

-Some Words/You're The One. Co & Ce Records-1966.
-Nothing To Offer You/5 O'Clock World. Co & Ce Records-1966.
-Humpty Humpty/Magic Town. Co & Ce Records-1966.(B Side charted #21).
-True Lovers/Land Of Milk And Honey. Co & Ce Records-1966.(B Side charted #29).
-Please Mr. Sun/Don't Blame The Rain. Co & Ce Records-1966.(A Side charted #48).
-Midnight Dreams/That's The Tune. Co & Ce Records-1967.(B Side charted #99).
-Take A Chance On My Baby/Summer Afternoon. Co & Ce Records-1967.
-Lovers Of The World Unite/Brighter Days. Co & Ce Records-1967.

According to the Kreiter's guide the_Midnight Dreams. recording is the most valuable.

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From the above recordings the group charted #4 in September of 1965 with_You're The One. and also #4 with_Five O'Clock World. in October, 1965.


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