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The Empires consisted of a black lead singer,Eddie Friend from Richmond,VA with three hispanic guys from Puerto Rico, Frank Nieves(2nd Tenor,Writer and Pianist),Miguel Ayala(1st Tenor) and Victor Rios(Bass and Baritone).

Eddie have a vocal group in Richmond,The Pelicans who have a demo record_Red Hot Mama/Johnnie-Mae. written by Eddie. When the group broke up Eddie moved to New York and with Frankie,Miguel and Victor Formed The Empires.

They signed writer-producer-arranger Phil Medley as their manager who send the group to Milt Scnap owner of a small recording studio where they recorded two Eddie-Frank original compòsitions_Tears In My Eyes/Single And Free.

Medley present the demo to Colpix Records who liked the songs and released in late 1959 as a 45 rpm single under the group name of EDDIE FRIEND & THE EMPIRES.

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Without success the group work with a second original release_It Must Be Love/There’s No One In The World As Lovely As You. But the they broke up before the sides were released.

Additional Note...

Frank Nieves written tunes as_Lydia. By The Sunsets. _Night After Night. By The Young Lads. or_It’s Better To Cry. By The Appreciations and recorded his own records on the Speed label.

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