Tuesday, April 30, 2013

THE LOVE NOTES (Uptown Records)

The Love Notes from Hawaii consisted of Pete Hernandez (Baritone/Producer), Johnny Bock (Bass), John Laporte (Falsetto), John Valentine (Lead Vocal/Music Director), Mike Baker (1st Tenor), Felix Almestica( Lead and Vocal Director) and Pat Miguel (2nd Tenor).

Pete Hernandez is the father of actual pop star Bruno Mars.

In 1986 recorded in Hawaii for Uptown Records a doo wop Ep with the sides_Doo Woppin' In Paradise/Memories Of Day Gone By/Good Old Acapella.

To Listen or Download_Doo Woppin' In Paradise. please visit;https://www.box.com/s/h98x3ysp2xfi36bcqigg

Or go to Youtube...

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