Tuesday, September 3, 2013

THE BACHELORS (Wiston/National/MGM Records)

Early white vocal group from New Heaven,CT formed in 1953 as THE TEARDROPS by Santo”Sandy”Ratineri,Chico Gambardella,Fred Merola and Ralph Donnarummo.

In June 1955 Kenny”Vance”Voght replaced Ralph and the name of the group was changed to Kenny Vance & The Bachelors.

Below newspaper article...Click to enlargue...

This same year recorded a pop single on the Winston label with the sides_Flaming Red Hair/Did Your Pen Sunshine.(not present in the doo wop guides).

In 1956 Charlie Guanieri joined the group and in 1957 the guys signed with Joe Leahy’s label National Records in New York where cut two singles under the name of THE BACHELORS...

-From Your Heart/A Million Teardrops.

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-Today,Tomorrow,Forever/I Want A Girl(Shame Shame On You).

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The Bachelors continue with their pop-oriented sound and their biggest hit was_From Your Heart. Which was a #1 in the New Heaven area. the group perfomed in Pittsburgh,New York as well as participe in the Arthur Godfrey Show.

In 1958 signed with MGM Records as a quarttet (Chico Gambardella joined the army) and recorded one single...

-Sometimes/Teenage Memories. (On MGM the group recorded another single_Sincere/Moon. But the company never released these two sides).

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In early 1959 songwritter Benny Benjamin moved the group to Big Top Records where recorded two singles (not present in the doo wop guides) under the name of  MUSIC MEN...

-An Open Fire/Via De Paradisio.

 -Bluebird/Santa Cruz.

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Fred Clemens said...

I had heard that Kenny Vance was in the group, but given the picture, none looks close to being him. Unless there was ANOTHER Kenny Vance... Kenny was 12 years old in 1955, making him 15 in 1958. All the giys in the picture look at least a couple of years older than 15...?