Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THE CORONADOS_ Let's Get Acquainted

The Coronados were two brothers and one sister american indians from New Mexico; Rubin,Steven and Anita Ortiz .

In 1954 recorded for Decca Records as The Ortiz Trio the sides_Blue Moon/In Lovely Old New Mexico. (A Side is a latin pop ballad version of Rogers & Hart's with spanish & english mixed lyrics).

 They were present in the doo wop guides as The Coronados with...

-Let's Get Acquainted/I Came Back To Say I'm Sorry. Vik Records-1956.
-My Beautiful Dream/No, No Blues. Vik Records-1957.
-Goodnight Kiss/World Of Confusion. U. A. Records-1958.
-Tell Me Yes/Little Moon. Columbia Records-1959.
-The Nature Of My Love/I Believe. Columbia Records-1959.
-You Fool/My Beautiful Dream. Todd Records-1963.

To Listen or Download_ Let's Get Acquainted. please visit;

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Additional Note.

This group also recorded for RCA  and Four Corners Records but these recordings not were listed in the doo wop guides...others Coronado's on Peerless and Ric Records also were listed in the doo wop guides but I can't find if they have any relation with the above mentioned group, anyone know?.

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