Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THE TRUE-TONES (Spot Records)

(Listed in the Kreiters's guide as The Tru Tones).

Band from Knoxville, TN. Front (l - r) - Neil Walker (bass), Richard Way (drums), Lanny Green (keyboard, bass, guitar) Rear (l - r) - Joby Wheat (vocals, sax), Gerald Barber (guitar), Jay Henderson (vocals), present in the doo wop guides with...

-Never Had A Chance/Lovi'n From My Baby. Spot Records-1964.

-Little Hit And Run Darling/La Lala La. Spot Records-1965.

 -Loving from My Baby. reached number 38 on the national top 40.

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Their best doo wop side from 1964 on Spot Records _Please Be True. b/w_Kiss Me Now. is unlisted in the doo wop guides....

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