Sunday, January 19, 2014


LITTLE "D" & THE BEL-AIRES (Raft Records).

The Bel-aires were a hispanic band from La Puente, CA consisted of David Robles(Vocal/Drums),Bobby Bentancourt(Sax),Arthur Robles(Sax) and Danny Berumen(Guitar).

DJ Eddie Davis producer a recording session for the band where recorded the doo wop side_Are You My Girl. and the instrumental side_Scratch. in this session sisters Kay and Ellie Lavell from San Gabriel Valley Town backing Led vocal by David Robles.

Eddie add "Little D" to the name of the band and sold the master to Raft Records who released the sides in 1962 without success (today this recording is very rare with a value of $750).


In the late 60's the Roble's brothers, David and Ruben recorded as a duo.


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