Wednesday, March 5, 2014

THE MAJESTICS_Searching For A New Love

In 1959 Larry Steele from the Bordentown section of Trenton in New Jersey formed with Bob Cooper,Jimmy Hannah,Bobby Mark (Marks),Bobby Hartnagle and George Faulkner the vocal goup know as The Majestics.

They practice with songs of The Willows,The Dell-Vikings,The Diamonds or The Harptones and participe in many local events with groups as Danny & The Juniors,The Plurals,The Hearts...

In late 1959 auditioned with a demo tape with song written by Larry for Jordan Records in New York city, the label signed the group and released in 1960 the Larry’s original tunes_Searching For A New Love/Angel Of Love.

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The record have a good local acepptation and played in many radio shows in Pennsylvania with this promotion he group receive the attention of V-Tone/Len and Arc Records but none recording were made in these labels and the group broke up soon.

In 1961 The Belmonts recorded The Majetics side_Searching For A New Love. And the Pixie and Nu-Tone Records re-leased The Majestics 45 rpm.


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