Thursday, May 1, 2014

REED HARPER & THE NOTES (Vik, Smart & Luck Records)

Great Facebook page about Reed Harper & The Notes...

Popish white group from Brooklyn lead by Reed Harper with Paul Cardile, Joe Dopico and Bobby Fiola.

Above picture from Left; Paul Cardile, Reed Harper, and Joe Dopico. Not pictured; Bobby Fiola.

Present in the doo wop guides with...

-Sweetheart Of The Prom / I Miss You So. Vik / Smart Records-1958.

-Three Charms / It's Worth Remembering. Luck Records-1960.


The goup have other recordings no present in the doo wop guides...

Reed Harper & The Three Notes.

-Oh Elvis / O Sole Mio-Rock N Rol. Pyramid Records-1958.

Reed Harper & The Notes.

-Shaky Little Baby / Walking Together. RCA Records-1958.

Reed Harper Trio.

-Mother Please / I've Got You Out Of My System. Terry Records-1960.

-Cleopa-Ter-A / Meadowland. Ford Records-1962.

The group have the unreleased sides; The Seniorita With The Golden Fan, I'm Flyin', Shuffin' Along, Wasting My Time.

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