Monday, June 30, 2014

REVIVAL YEARS...The Blue Stars

Vocal group quintet featured Louis De Carlo (lead and first tenor), Tony Millone (lead and second tenor), Jack Scandura (lead and second tenor), Bobby Thomas (lead and baritone) and Ken Mewes (lead and bass). Formed in Queens, New York, USA, in 1974, they drew membership from several previous local groups, including Ricky And The Hallmarks (Scandura), the Devotions, Mr. Bassman and Symbols (De Carlo), Jordan And The Fascinations and Boulevards (Thomas) and Fulton Fish Market (Millone).

Millone departed to be replaced by Larry Galvin (himself formerly of the Velvet Five).

The group recorded...

-Erlene / My Love Never Die. Arcade Records-1976.

-I Only Have Eyes For You / Hey Pretty Baby. Arcade Records-1976.

-Can't We Be Sweetheart / Your Way. Arcade Records-1977.

-Love Is The Thing / False Alarm. Clifon Records-1991 (recorded in 1988).

When they separated, some of the group formed The Blendaires on Arcade Records.

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