Tuesday, July 29, 2014

REVIVAL YEARS...The Ecstasies

Group from Philadelphia who in 1962 recorded for Amy Records the sides_Lucky Old Sun / Time for Love.


In late 70's original Lead, Donny Ermold and original Baritone, Joe Grimaldi recorded again and were present in the doo wop guides with....

-Dream Of A Lifetime / Chapel In The Moonlight. Clifton Records-1979.
-White Christmas / Silent Night. Clifton Records-1979.
-I'll Never Tell / Sixty Minute Man. UGHA Records-1979.
-That's The Way It Goes / I Don't Know Why. UGHA Records-1979.
-Adorable / Cry Like I Cry. Clifton Records-1986.
-Out Of sight, Out Of Mind / You Foolish Thing. Clifton Records-1990.
-Until The Real Thing Comes Along / The Pleasure's All Mine. Ronnie Records-1991.
-A G. I. Whish / I'ts Too Soon To Know / Gee, But I'd Give The World / You Do Something To Me . Clifton Records EP-?.

In all these years Donny and Joe were accompanied by other singers as Dave Moore (first tenor), Dave’s brother Richie Moore (second tenor), Dave’s brother-in-law Larry (bass).Dave Alexander, Dave Richardson or Frank “Skeets” Squillace, formerly of the Mystery Quartet (Essex Records).

From left; Donny, Joe, Dave Alexander and Dave Moore.

To Listen or Download_Gee, But I'd Give The World. please visit; https://app.box.com/s/f53xvd17w1xyxtdxe9rq

From 1994 Joe Grimaldi with new members singing in several shows as The Ecstasies...

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Unknown said...

I used to go to the Penn Fruit Supermarket which was around the corner from where I lived in West Oak Lane. They would sing in an alcove between the supermarket and the cleaners which was enclosed on three sides of which two sides were brick and one side was a plate glass window. There was also a roof. Talk about a great sounding echo chamber. I wish I had gotten to know those guys better but I was just a kid sitting on a windowsill listening. When I think about it I was actually too afraid to say anything I just listened. Boy do I remember "Lucky Old Sun". They sang it every time they were there. I thought it was a great song then and still do today. I thought I remembered two brothers who were twins in the group. Since there is no mention of that here I probably just thought they were twins. I was kinda young at the time, Between The Ecstasies and The Beatles I also got involved in show biz. I just want to thank you guys for all those great musical nights. It's been a great ride for me from day one at the Penn Fruit until now, Thank you.