Friday, May 8, 2015

THE PLAYBOYS (Souvenir Records)

Band from Coeur D' Alene ,Idaho know as The Four Playboys present in the Kreiter's guide as...


-Believe It Or Not / Hawaiian War Chant. Souvenir Records-1959.

The band consisted of Johnny Clark Frandsen(Lead Vocal & Guitar),Bud Voght(Drums),Tom Plunkett(Bass) and Bob Evans(Guitar).

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Bobby Diskin said...

"Hawaiian War Chant" b/w "Believe It Or Not" by the Playboys was released on Souvenir Records #1001. The next release on Souvenir Records #1002 was "Stay By Me" b/w "Send Me Some Lovin'" as by the Four Playboys. The writer of "Stay With Me" by the Four Playboys is Frandsen - who is also the writer of "Believe It Or Not" on the Playboys release. The two releases by the Playboys and Four Playboys on Souvenir has to be by the same group (though a member or two change is always a possibility).

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY.