Thursday, June 4, 2015


THE ILLUSIONS (Pantomime records).

The Illusions started singing acappella together in September, 1965 in the Lunchroom of Wagner Jr. High School. Since then they have won all the talent shows they have entered. The Illusions; William Anderson (Lead), Shelton Jacocks (1st Tenor), Leroy Jarvis (2┬║ Tenor) and Dwight Newton (Baritone).

All are members of the ninth grade choir at Wagner. William won first prize in the auditions for the Philadelphia Junior High School Music Festival. all the boys are 14 years old. They are all active on one of the altlectic teams at Wagner.

They have perfomed at Town Hall in Philadelphia, Rock & Roll shows at the Shelron Ballroom and at various dances in and around Philly.

In early 1967 recorded for Pantomine records_(You'll Lose) A Precious Love / Beauty's Only Skin Deep. After the songs were recorded, the group has gotten a Bass member. Byron Watson. Finally their two songs were enclosed on the Pantomime's Lp "Philadelphia's Greatest Acappella" released on June 12, 1967.

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