Thursday, June 25, 2015

REVIVAL YEARS...Dino & The Heartspinners

Interracial group from Harlem, NYC  lead by Dino Geangelo present in the doo wop guides with...

-Cry Like I Cried / That's My Girl. Bim Bam Boom records-1972.
-I Love You So / Two Kinds Of People In The World. Bim Bam Boom records-1972.
-Hey Senorita / I'm Not a Know It All. Bim Bam Boom records-1973.
-Cry Like I Cried / That's My Girl. Barrier records-1976.
-Zoom / Let's Go Back To Yesterday. Robin Hood records-1976.
-Who Do You Think You Are? / A Thousand Miles Away. Robin Hood records-1976.
-The Bells Of Love / The Wind. Statrlight records1981.
-Flames / Shirley. Pyramid records-?.
-The Lover's Plea / Mexico. Starlight records-?.
-I Believe In You / Gee. Starlight records-?.

Above pictures, the original 1972 Dino & the Heartspinners; Bernard Jones (BJ), Joe Odom, Dino Geangelo, Cecil Wiley and Butch ?.

Over time the group had many other singers as David Martinez, Robert Soto, Jack Joule or Richard Bohn Bazzano.

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Apesville said...

Pyramid 45 - 164 : Flames / Shirley : 1983 same time as LP?
Starlight (NY) 45 - 11 : The Lovers Plea / Mexico (1981)
Starlight (NY) 45 - 9 : Gee / I Believe In You (1980)

Unknown said...

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