Thursday, March 5, 2020

THE CONEY ISLAND KIDS...Jubilee & Josie records

Multi group from Brooklyn formed for seven boys and five girls.

The boys are...Jerry Mandaro, Eddie Panarella, Joe Managas, Joe Carrino, Johnny Amabile, Vinnie Lamatina and Joe Igneri.

The girls are...Pat Hayes, Amelia Robustelli, Bunny Benzavenga, Roseanne Benzavenga and Pat Bono.

They cut a demo "Baby Baby You" and present this to Jubilee records where was released in 1955 with the B side " Moonlight Beach" under the name of the Coney Island Kids.

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Actually B side don't have to the group of boys and girls singing, this side is an istrumental song by Michael Chimes on harmonica and Tonny Mottola on guitar.


The disc was very popular in New York city and a new recordd was born in February of 1956 "I Love It /  Red  Light Green Light"  on the subsidiary label Josie records.

Actually the A side only have three boys and three girls singing.


In August 1956 was released on Josie " We Want A Rock & Roll President / The Thwistle Rock & the Wistle Roll"


Alan Freed liked the sound of the group and signed the guys and girls for his movie Rock, Rock, Rock. They recorded with Josie "Pop Corn and Candy / Not you Pie Face. for the  movie but finally these two songs were cut from the movie and the group only appear as extras in the mentioned flm.


In 1957 with the demand of the doo wop sound Jubilee/Josie records don't have any interest in the pop / rock sound of the  boys & girls and they dont recorded more and with their school graduations the group finally broke up.

At the end of 1959 Jerry Mandaro sang the leading voice together with some neighbors in a demo song called " You Want to go Steady" this never was released but in 1960 The Paramounts recorded this song as "Girl Friend".The Dahills also recorded the Jerry's demo and this was released in 1976 for Clifton records.



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