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Group fron South Philadelphia consisted of Joseph"Junior"Pirillo (Lead) ,Raymond Finizio,Michael Traviglia and Robert"Jimmy"Finizio  (2º Tenor).

Joseph and Robert were members of The Fabulous Four aka The Four J's(see in this blog).

Originally they were a studio group know as The Naturals and when two member leave the group Joseph and Robert joined as ocassional new members.

They signed with the Philadelphian label Red Top Records owned by Doc Bagby,Irving Nahan and Mel "Red Top" Schwartz and recorded...

As The Naturals...

-Blue Moon / How Strange -1959.

As The Four Naturals...

-When I'm in Your Arms / I Hear A Rhapsody - 1960.

-The Thought Of You Darling / Long Long Ago - 1960.

Joseph and Robert in the same period recorded with The Four J's and The Fabulous Four.

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