Wednesday, February 20, 2008

THE DELMONICOS(Aku and Musictone Recordings)

The Delmonicos were formed in 1959 from the East Harlem section Of New York, 116 th Street, Original members consisted of Joe Cariati (Lead), Victor Rodriguez (First Tenor), Nick DiBona (Second Tenor), John Martin (Baritone) and Gary Knight (Bass).

John Martin came up with the name, The Delmonicos. for many years the Fellas sang at local clubs and dances and waited patiently for that big break. finally in 1963 recorded on the Aku label the sides_There They Go / You Can Call .

B Side was very popular in New York - New Jersey - Connecticut áreas.


This Same Year, they backed and recorded on Aku Records with the lounge singer Denise Germaine on _Teenage idol _I'm Fed Up. Denise Germaine also performed on the New York lounge circuit and recorded only a few others on the United Artists and ABC/Paramount labels.

To Listen or DownloadDenise Germaine_I'm Fed Up,  please visit;


In 1964 moved to Musictone Records and released _Until You / World's Biggest Fool.


Without success  the Delmonicos were busy playing places like the Copacabana, the Peppermint Lounge, and the Camelot among others. They also worked with Cousin Brucie (New York DJ) at Palisade Park in New Jersey. They Opened for people like Johnny Mathis, The Four seasons, The Duprees and many other artists. Then in 1964 with the British invasion, the Delmonicos retired.

In 1966, Joe Cariati, Victor Rodriguez and new  members recorded a song called _We Can Find Love. on Johnny Nash’s new Joda Label. but never was released. the group now was innactive.

 Above picture;  Manny Giz, Nick DiBona, Gary Knight, Joe Cariati. Bobby Castalano (Center)

In 1988 The Delmonicos reformed with Cariati(Lead),DiBona(2nd Tenor),Knight(Bass);joined by Manny Giz(1st Tenor) and Bobby"Blue"Castellano(Baritone), they recorded for Clifton Records and have many live perfomances.

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