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THE VIDELS_I Passed Your House

Group from Providencd,Rhode Island formed in 1956 by peter Andreoli,Norman Marzano, Bobby Calitri, Maurice “Jimmy Boo” Bouchard, Dino Amaral and guitarist John Corsi.In 1960 Dino was replaced by Herbert Rickey.
In 1960-63 recorded for labels as Kapp,Rhody,JDS,Tic Tac Toe and Musictone.

In 1960 with the side_Mr. Lonely.they have a top 70 in the billboard charts.


And this same year they have a regional hit with their new release_Now That Summer Is Here.


By 1961 The Videls had broken up,so Allie Contrera and George Galfo of The Mystics and Pete Andreoli and Vinny Poncia of The Videls joined forces and perfomed as both The Mystics and The Videls.this formation appeared on Clay Cole's show one week as The Mystics and another week as The Videls

In late 1961 kapp Records released_A Letter From Ann/This Year's Mister New.these sides have to Pete and Vinny overdubbing their voices.


Another recording acredited to The Videls for Musictone in 1963_We Belong Together.Today is a mistery record.

Also in 1963 Norman Marzano and Bobby Calitri with Richard and Joe Mancini of The Corals (see in this blog) orm a Videls group and toured the nation without success (see below picture)...

The Videls "road" group: Norman Marzano, Bobby Calitri & Joe Mancini (standing left to right), Richard Mancini (seated).

This same year Pete and Vinny recorded_Hand Clappin Time Part 1 & 2.on Big Top Records.in 1964 with a new vocal group The Treasures they recorded The Beatle's tune_Hold Me Tight.and later some singles under their original name of The Trade Winds on Red Bird Records in 1964-65(see in this blog).Also Anders and Poncia, found much greater success during the early '60s as songwriters in association with Phil Spector, co-authoring such future classics by the Ronettes as _Do I Love You?_ and _(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up.

Unreleased sides of The Videls are available in some doo-wop compilations as_I Passed Your House.

To Listen or Download please visit;http://www.box.net/shared/d75529szij

In 1980 Crystal Ball Records released a Videls album that mistakenly incluide_Save A Dream.but really this cut is an unreleased Mystics tune.


See complete Videl's bio with great pictures at...



The original Videls 1957 (left to right): John Corsi, Bobby Calitri, Dino Amaral, Frank Bianchini, Norman Marzano, Peter Andreoli.

The Videls 1959 (left to right): Bobby Calitri, Vini Poncia, Peter Andreoli, Dino Amaral, Norman Marzano.

The Videls 1960: (left to right): Norman Marzano, Peter Anders, Vini Poncia, Bobby Calitri, Herbert Rickey.

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