Thursday, November 15, 2012

THE SHANGRI-LAS (Red Bird,Spokane and Scepter Records)

The Shangri-las were formed at Andrew Jackson High School in Cambria Heights, a part of Queens, New York City, in 1963. consisted of two sets of sisters: Mary Weiss (Lead singer) and Elizabeth "Betty" Weiss and identical twins Marguerite "Marge" and Mary Ann Ganser (The girls often appeared as a trio, as Betty Weiss rarely appeared on stage until late 1964 because she became pregnant).

In October, 1964 charted #1 nationally with their side_Leader Of The Pack.


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The girls were present in the Kreiter's Vocal Group Record guide with...

-Remember(Walkin In The Sand)/It's Easier To Cry. Red Bird Records-1964.
(Above A Side charted #5).
-What Is Love/Leader Of The Pack. Red Bird Records-1964.
-Give Him A Great Big Kiss/Twist And Shout.  Red Bird Records-1964.
-Maybe/Shout.  Red Bird Records-1964.
-Wishing Well/HaTe To Say I Told You So. Spokane/Scepter Records-1964.
-Out In The Streets/The Boy.  Red Bird Records-1965.
-Heaven Only Knows/Give Us Your Blessings.  Red Bird Records-1965.
-Right Now & Not Later/The Train From Kansas City.  Red Bird Records-1965.
-I Can Never Go Home Any More/Bull Dog.  Red Bird Records-1965.
(Above A Side charted #6).
-I Can Never Go Home Any More/Sophisticated Boom Boom.  Red Bird Records-1965.
-Long Live Our Love/ Sophisticated Boom Boom. Red Bird Records-1966
-Long Live Our Love/Bull Dog. Red Bird Records-1966.
-He Cried/Dressed In Black.  Red Bird Records-1966.
-Love You More Than Yesterday/Past Present and Future.  Red Bird Records-1966
-Paradise/Past Present and Future.  Red Bird Records-1966.



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